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About Adhiveda 

Adhiveda lifesciences is a brand curated by Dr. Nikhil varude and Mr. Naren Dake with love and dedication to bring out the best nurtrition suited for your overall well-being and good health. Adhiveda products are made with thoughtful ingredients for your holistic healing.

Adhiveda has the potential to give you muscle support and keep you healthy and feeling fresh each day.

Adhiveda products are tried and tested with number of formulations under the guidance of medicine and nutrition experts to bring the best in the market for our consumers.

Adhiveda products can be used by anyone and everyone. It has no or negligible side effects. But it is always a good step to consult your physician before consuming any product in case you are allergic to certain ingredients. The experts and founder have ensured that it only benefits you.

Every pathy (Allopathy,Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc) has its own pros and cons. We choose the best with minimal cons and maximaum pros for ones health.

Adiveda products are gluten free, GMO free, 100% vegetarian and also no harm was done to animals while formulating these products. So these products are cruelty free. So now you can go ahead and start off your healthy life right from today.

Everyone knows that Ayurveda is a medicine that has been used for centuries in India, but there is more than this being used as a medicine. It was a cult that draws its origins from Vedic culture in India.

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