How Does Bovine Colostrum Help in Anti-aging?


Whenever a baby is born, the first milk act as ideal nourishment for him. We know this first milk as Colostrum which gets produce during pregnancy. Like humans, other mother mammals also produce colostrum during pregnancy. The offspring’s drink this milk for the first three-four days until other milk starts coming out.

Colostrum is filled with nutrients and which is why manufacturers are making supplements out of bovine (cow) colostrum. The consumption of these supplements has positive results on the skin, muscles, the aging process, etc.

Today in this blog, we will know details about what is bovine colostrum and its positive effects on the aging process.



Bovine Colostrum

When a cow is pregnant, her body starts producing colostrum just like other mammals. After giving birth, this first milk comes out for calves to drink. It is thick-yellowish milk called bovine colostrum that is rich in several nutrients.

Human colostrum or even bovine colostrum is a boon for offspring that gives him the optimum nourishment. It has multiple growth factors, immunoglobins, and proteins that protect gut health, improves immunity and helps in fighting diseases.

Bovine colostrum is 200 times powerful than human colostrum, but we humans can’t consume it directly. To gain its benefits manufacturers have started integrating bovine colostrum as supplements that kids and adults can take.

Anti-Aging Benefits in Bovine Colostrum

In one of our related blogs, we shared informative content about the benefits of bovine colostrum on the skin. There are thousands of elements present in bovine colostrum but only hundreds of them have been identified. Various natural properties of colostrum have shown positive results for several skin problems.

Aging is a process of becoming old due to the molecular and cellular damage that takes place in the body. A lot of things like the appearance of the skin, the way we think and react, change with the passage of time. The major aging signs include the loss of skin elasticity, loss of muscle tone, wrinkles and sagging skin.

How Bovine colostrum helps in anti-aging?

  1. Regenerative effects are found in insulin-like growth factors (IGF-l and IGF-2) and Transforming Growth Factor (TGF-alpha and TGF-beta). These effects regenerate & repair collateral cells & healthy coronary.
  2. The consumption of bovine colostrum promotes tissue regeneration and healing by raising IGF-1 to pre-puberty levels. IGF-1 also enhances the growth and repair of RNA and DNA.
  3. Growth hormone present in bovine colostrum incites IGF-1 and IGF-2 production in the liver. This helps in the cellular reproduction of all the cells.
  4. DNA strands reduces with aging and fail to replicate new cells. Colostrum’s growth factors promote the replication of healthy DNA and prevent a shortage of DNA strands in the body.
  5. It balances the decline of osteoblasts that in turn protect the brain and improve its performance by boosting the Glutathione levels.
  6. Serotonin levels decrease with age which leads to depression. Bovine colostrum contains several components that help to decrease age-related depression and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Bovine colostrum has many benefits on the skin, the aging process, muscles and much more. It is a natural product and contains enormous components. Where a lot of components have been found out, studies are going on to find the rest of them.

Aging is inevitable and we can’t control or stop it. While we age, a lot of things change from head to toe. We certainly can’t stop aging process but we can slow it down and look and feel a little younger.

Various researches have shown the positive results of bovine colostrum on the aging effects. Different elements of it have different effects on aging which require further more studies to prove.

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