Bovine Colostrum

Bovine Colostrum


Colostrum is a thick, yellowish milky fluid that is released from a mammal’s breast after she gives birth. All mammals release colostrum after giving birth which is said to be very beneficial. This milk is different from regular milk and is released in the first few days after giving birth. After this period, this milky fluid stops releasing and true milk appears. 

Colostrum contains antibodies that help to fight infections and bacteria. This is why similar studies have shown positive health results of taking Bovine colostrum as supplements. 



What is Bovine Colostrum?

Colostrum is a milky fluid that comes out of a cow’s udder after she gives birth to a calf. This milk is released in the first few days until true milk starts releasing. This milk is rich in antibodies and helps in the fast muscle development of the calf. It has proteins that help to fight disease caused due to bacteria or infections.

Colostrum is beneficial milk produced by all mother mammals but the cow’s colostrum is the most beneficial colostrum of all. After seeing the benefits it has, the supplements are being made to benefit human beings in different ways. These supplements are known as bovine colostrum. It is similar to a human’s colostrum as it is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats, carbs, etc.

To make Bovine Colostrum supplements, the cow’s colostrum is pasteurised and dried to make pills or form its powder. These supplements are then taken with some liquid or as prescribed by a doctor.

Health Benefits

In one of our related blogs, we shared informative content about the benefits of bovine colostrum on the skin. We all know the health benefits of cow milk and which is why a vast majority of people drink it daily. Now, colostrum being the beneficial milk of a mammal, cow’s colostrum wins the race. This is why bovine colostrum is made out of cow’s colostrum in order to benefit humans. It has a higher number of proteins, carbs, fats, magnesium, vitamin B, A, C, and E as compared to normal cow milk. In addition, it has vital nutrients for humans such as growth factors like IgA, IgG, IgM and nutritional factors like PDGF, EGF IGF.

Bovine Colostrum contains Lactoferrin that helps our immune system to respond to bacterial and viral infections. It has growth and antimicrobial factors that promote tissue growth and mature immune functions.  At last, it also contains antibodies like immunoglobulins that invoke antimicrobial activities to fight against infections.

Hence, Bovine colostrum that is rich in such properties will help to boost immunity and fight back various bacteria and viruses in human beings.

Usage of Bovine Colostrum

As Bovine Colostrum is like a blessing to human beings, it is used in different ways. It can be used- 

  • To prevent infectious diarrhea in children that have a similar history related to it.
  • To prevent flu(influenza) by taking bovine colostrum from the mouth.
  • To prevent and manage airway infections caused by exercises. 
  • To boost your immunity as bovine colostrum contains IgA and IgG antibodies that fight bacteria and viruses.
  • To treat specific infections by giving immunization against specific strains to cows.
  • To prevent traveler’s diarrhea by giving hyperimmune colostrum.
  • To strengthen the gut and help fight infections in the digestive tract.
  • To prevent intestinal permeability by stimulating cell growth and improving the gut wall.
  • To treat colitis by the colostrum enemas and decrease inflammation of the colon.

Possible Side Effects

No doubt, Bovine Colostrum has many health benefits and is used for various reasons, it also has some possible downsides.  Based on limited human studies, it is seen that Bovine colostrum is a safe supplement but it may have some side effects as well. The number one thing to consider before consuming it is to keep in mind that people who are allergic to milk should avoid taking bovine colostrum. 

Secondly, a cow’s colostrum will also depend on how the cow has been raised. You should check the final product so that it doesn’t contain pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic hormones. These things can not be good for the human body and may show severe side effects. 

Moreover, there are no specific studies on whether pregnant or lactating women should take bovine colostrum. 

Bovine Colostrum for COVID-19

Due to the antibodies and immunoglobulins present in the bovine colostrum, some might believe that it may help in preventing COVID-19. This can be true. Bovine colostrum supplements are rich in IgA and IgG antibodies that boost immunity and helps the immune system fight bacterial and viral infections.

As there is no available treatment for Coronavirus, everyone around the corner is taking measures to prevent this virus. One of the major things that play a vital role in getting affected with coronavirus is immunity. People with low immunity have higher chances of getting infected with this virus.

So, as bovine colostrum helps in boosting immunity, we can say that there are chances that the consumption of these supplements may help to prevent coronavirus. 

The Bottom Line

Bovine Colostrum is a supplement that is made from cow’s colostrum. It is milk that is released from a cow’s udders soon after she gives birth. These supplements are rich in disease-fighting components and help in boosting immunity. 

It has shown positive results for a lot of patients but can also show some possible side effects for people that have an allergy to cow’s milk. Also, it might help to boost your immunity against coronavirus and help you prevent it. Make sure you buy these supplements from a trusted source and have all the basic information about the same.

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