Effects of Bovine Colostrum on Skin?


God has blessed all mother mammals with a secret and important ingredient that has a handful of benefits. It is nothing else but colostrum, a milk that is produced in a mother after she gives birth to a baby. This milk is produced for the first three to four days and contains triple benefits as compared to the normal milk that comes after it.

Colostrum is produced in humans and in animals as well. It has various nutrients that give several health benefits. A lot of supplements are made from cow’s colostrum which is known as Bovine Colostrum. These supplements have benefits on skin, gut health, the ageing process, etc.

Today in this blog, we will talk about what is bovine colostrum, the nutrients in bovine colostrum and its enchanting effect on the skin.



What is Bovine Colostrum?

Colostrum is milk whose production starts during pregnancy. It is produced in all the mother mammals including humans. It is yellowish and thick milk that a mother produces after giving birth to a baby.

In cows, this colostrum is known as bovine colostrum which comes out of their udders. It is rich in nutrients that contain many health benefits for the calf’s development.

By looking at the tremendous benefits colostrum provides, manufactures have started synthesizing bovine colostrum as a supplement for human beings.

Nutrients and Health Benefits in Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is a natural ingredient that comprises many health benefits. Some of these nutrients and benefits include:

  • Rich in Protein

It contains Lactoferrin protein that helps in immune functions and may improve antioxidants levels. It also contains antiviral and antimicrobial characteristics that come with other health benefits.

  • Rich in Immunoglobulins

Cow’s colostrum is rich in immunoglobins i.e IgA, IgG, IgE, IgD, and Ig1 that neutralise and kill pathogens in the body. These immunoglobins also boost immunity that helps in fighting various diseases.

  • Growth factors

Colostrum includes a number of growth factors especially insulin-like factors that stimulate the gut’s cell growth and help in gaining lean muscles. It also contains alpha and beta, insulin and related growth factors that have different effects on health. They may provide clinical nutrition as a result.

Skin Problems that can be treated by Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum has some magical skin benefits in humans. It gets easily absorbed by your skin giving maximum results. It contains regenerative growth hormones that rejuvenate skin cell tissue. Its natural properties provide maximum benefits even if you apply a bovine colostrum cream or consume its supplement.

Bovine colostrum is said to be 200 times beneficial and stronger than human colostrum. In different researches, we have seen the positive results of bovine colostrum to several skin problems like acne, ageing, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, sun damage, skin imbalances and irritations.

The major benefit it provides to the skin is by improving gut health. An unhealthy gut has a direct effect on the appearance of your skin and can lead to major skin problems like eczema, spots, inflammation, and rosacea. The presence of peptides and proteins in colostrum improves gut health which directly aids the repairment of skin cell tissues.

Bovine colostrum is a package that contains a natural balance of several hormones, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, etc. It also contains powerful immunity factors, growth hormones and growth factors that highly benefits human of all ages. On the other hand, it contains immunoglobulins such as IgA, IgG, IgE, IgD, and Ig1, which helps to neutralize toxins and fight diseases.

All these natural elements benefit us in many ways. Some of its benefits can be seen on the skin as well. Application or consumption of bovine colostrum helps in:

  • Preventing acne breakout by improving gut health
  • Repairing sun damage by internally rejuvenating skin cells
  • Decreasing wrinkles by improving glow elasticity
  • Proving natural moisturisation or skin hydration with its natural skin healing properties,etc.


Every skin problem starts from within and thus, its solution lies at the same place. Bovine colostrum is like god’s own medicine for different human issues. Its list of benefits is long and many studies are still going on to know much more benefits. Consumption of Bovine Colostrum supplements has a handful of benefits against many health issues.

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