Can Probiotics Prevent Hair Loss?

Did you recently notice your ponytail looking skimpy these days? Or find a lot of hair coming out entangled in your comb. Well, then this blog is for you. Hair is one of those topics that you may get lots of questions about. And it’s no wonder we all want to have healthy hair, and when we think about hair, a lot of you might have tried certain specific supplements, like biotin and protein, which is essential because our hair is mostly composed of protein.

But don’t you think beauty starts from the inside out. And this applies for your hair as well. Nutrients won’t reach our hair follicles if we don’t have proper digestion and circulation. Keep reading to know why?

Can Probiotics Prevent Hair Loss?

Yes, Probiotics are your hair’s best friend that make it strong and prevent hair loss. Let’s see how probiotics do their job?

1) Probiotics fight inflammation

Probiotics are like soldiers who fight inflammation. Some clinical research and studies have found that probiotics can promote hair growth by reducing stress-induced inflammation.

Well, we all know that inflammation is building up in our body because of our modern stress rampant life. So, probiotics are one of the dynamic ways to prevent that. Probiotics can curb hair loss by supporting the body and enabling the hair follicles to sustain healthy growth.
Probiotics contain many good bacteria that stimulate the anti-inflammatory compounds of the immune system to release hormones that disrupt the inflammatory process and reduce damage.

2)Probiotics reduce stress

Probiotics help a lot with stress. Remember that stress starts in your mind but has a huge physical impact on your body. It can make you lose or gain weight. It can make you break out. And guess what? It can contribute tremendously to hair loss.

Some studies show that a traumatic event or stressful conditions can cause a shock to hair follicles, pushing them from the growth phase to a shedding phase. As we all know, we’re going through challenging times, and we may come across tough situations.

Probiotics can combat hair loss as probiotic bacteria contribute a lot to reducing stress and anxiety levels. And this has a lot to do with the link between the gut & brain, as some messenger molecules are present in the gut connected to the brain. If you consume probiotics, your gut stays healthy, after which these messengers will signal the brain, which alters your moods and makes you feel better.

3) Probiotics maintain hormonal balance

Did you know that stress hormones have a major impact on hair loss? Yes, you heard it right. The imbalance of certain hormones can cause hair loss and hair thinning, on top of which, if you don’t have enough beneficial probiotic bacteria lining in your intestines, you are more prone to hormonal problems. Consuming probiotics restores this imbalance and boosts the production of hormones necessary for hair growth.



The Best Probiotics for Hair Health:

In one of our related blogs, we have shared informative content about are probiotics good for weight loss. Probiotics are naturally found in certain foods like kimchi, fermented yogurt, sauerkraut, etc. Probiotics are also added to foods during processing. But the best way you can take probiotics is in supplement forms. If you are planning to shop for probiotic supplements, always purchase from a reputable brand; at the same time, it’s important to consider the probiotic strains, storage requirements, and your intended use.


There you have all the information about the benefits of probiotics for hair loss. If you want to have beautiful locks and healthy hair, take your probiotics regularly. Consuming them will benefit your healthy gut, skin and overall health. This will definitely make a huge difference in your life.

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